Jerry Brewer


Mr. Brewer is a U.S. Government-trained counterterrorism specialist and senior trainer, with extensive operational activity in Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative. Fluency in Spanish (Castilian).

He has over thirty years of professional managerial and leadership experience in the field of Criminal Justice; fifteen (15) years as Chief of Police (3 states)- U.S. Congressional and State Senate and House, honors for: “…bravery and salient actions; quick and unflinching response, and exemplary citizenship he has manifested in going above and beyond the call of duty to assure the safety of others.”

Published Author and Columnist on extensive criminal Justice topics: Intelligence; terrorism/counterterroism; and related world events (

- U.S. Border Security
- Latin America's Drug War
- Narcoterrorism in Mexico
- Mexican Drug Cartels
- Terrorism Roots in Latin America
- Policing in the Americas
- Assessing threat